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The Original 
egator Novel

‘Navegator’ is an action novel with a difference. At its centre is a historic Mallorcan family in the 1990’s. The story follows a brilliant scientist, Vasco Valseca, who is furious when a hacker steals from his bank account. With the help of intuition inherited from his forebear, a legendary Mallorcan navigator, he creates a unique computer program to pinpoint the culprit’s location. Sinister forces learn of his discovery and will stop at nothing to get hold of this priceless program for sale to a government or terrorist group. And so the evil schemes begin. The fast moving plot takes the reader to many other countries too, in the tangle of love, loyalty, misunderstanding and the special bond between twins – all leading up to a nail-biting conclusion.’

Read the genius of the original novel from the mind of Geoffrey Iley.

The book is unique and contains clear deviations from the upcoming film.

Hardback covers exclusively.