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Navegator is a topical, action-packed story that unfolds amidst a world-wide threat of terrorism and criminal violence. A lethal strike in Washington and other capitals galvanises the intelligence community. The Americans soon realise that only the brilliance of a scientist, a genius whose ancestor was a brilliant navigator, can pinpoint the nerve centre directing these deadly assaults.

That man is Vasco Valseca, the shy mathematician from the historic, beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Together with his talented family, the DNA inherited by the Valsecas has the potential to defeat an attack.

The plot is full of twists and turns. There are car chases, helicopter and drone attacks, enhancing a storyline that has international appeal. As the action unfolds in Washington, Mallorca, UK and St. Petersburg, there are memorable settings for this riveting drama. But can the encrypted communications of the evil mastermind be decoded? Can Vasco’s team locate the source of the threat in time to avert a global disaster?

Geoffrey Iley’s novel, Navegator, was set in 1993. It was based on the technology of the day and is a great story in its own right. But now the plot is brought up to date in this gripping film ‒ thanks to the talents of experienced filmmaker/producer Tony Klinger, who wrote the script in partnership with Geoffrey.


Lisn Too


But the film is only one part of the Navegator saga. Tony Klinger realised that the film script would translate into a compelling Audio Play. So, in collaboration with Geoffrey Iley, another version was produced whichis now available across the globe via the Audible platform.

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And, of course, neither the Film nor the Audio Play versions of Navegator would exist without the themes inspired by Geoffrey’s original novel. This is a book that is a very different page-turner, with a spellbinding story to tell.

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Producer & Scriptwriter -

Tony Klinger

Scriptwriter & Executive Producer -

Geoffrey Iley

Director -

Martín Rosete




Final Poster broadbent95 HV color1
Final Poster broadbent95 HV color1

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Final Poster broadbent95 HV color1
Final Poster broadbent95 HV color1

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