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 I N T R O D U C I N G




No, “Navegator” is not a misspelling. It is the title of a new, exciting film in development with Tony Klinger, a producer with the magic touch. His most recent film project, a documentary, “The Man Who Got Carter”, had its highly successful premiere at the Romford Film Festival on November 3rd. Now everybody is talking about Navegator.

Intrigued to know the reason for spelling the film title in this strange way? Yes, you could wait to see it, but there's another way to find out. Click on this link for an opportunity to do just that.

“Navegator will be an action-packed film blending history, present day dangers ─ and that special bond between twins ─ into a compelling story” said writer Geoffrey Iley. “When dark political forces threaten to bring down the civilised world, there is only one team with the ability to defeat them. It is the family of Vasco Valseca, the Cyber genius from the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca”.

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Palma Cathedral                                      The Pentagon                                                The Island of Mallorca

This project is the fruit of a collaboration between author Geoffrey and prolific writer and filmmaker Tony Klinger. Geoffrey is author of the novel Navegator and a great enthusiast for the magical island of Mallorca. His dramatic plot inspired Tony to work in partnership with Geoffrey and the result is an awesome screenplay, which lifts the original story from the nineteen-nineties to a super charged present day.

“My research clearly indicates that Navegator’s themes will deliver unforgettable entertainment to cinemagoers around the world”.  Said Klinger, “It has heart thumping action, a truly explosive plot and believable characters you will root for.”


It can now be revealed that solid progress is being made with plans to make Navegator into a studio-sized film. Watch this space ̶ there will be more news soon.
Here’s a reminder of the treacherous hairpins on the roads across the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca --- the location of a major happening in the action packed plot of Na